Featuring: Courtney Sennish

Show Runs January 28 – March 19, 2015

Reception: Friday, February 5, 5-8pm

Courtney Sennish roams the streets of San Francisco in search of illuminations: silent monuments bearing subtleties that have the power to transform her sense of being and place. Her process is an accumulation of labor, historical research, and intuition resulting in a phenomenological and physical conversion. Contemporary generations have grown accustomed to a lifestyle devoid of wilderness, accepting a contained form of nature as its only presence in their lives. Courtney’s work inquires as to how living in such a heavily fabricated and dictated environment changes our biology, and how these physical structures guide her personally in her everyday practice. Her artwork examines the urban landscape through isolating specific moments and features found during her pilgrimage through this environment. She grants a spatial story to these accumulations through research into the history of the landscape’s geography as well as through the use of intuitive and experiential discoveries. The resulting works collage both the flat and the vast worlds that exist simultaneously within and before us, while the diverse mediums she utilizes represent the different processes we all have of perceiving, experiencing and relating to the world around us.