New Document

Featuring Andrew Chapman, Matthew Draving, Hunter Longe, Hugh Zeigler

Show Runs December 15 – January 21, 2012
Reception on Saturday, December 17, 3-5pm

here is a new rectangular viewbox into understanding what it means to be human. Johansson Projects presents New Document, where our expanding visual literacy provides a schematic history of the materials and methods employed by artists Andrew Chapman, Matthew Draving, Hunter Longe and Hugh Zeigler. Temporal interpretations are generated and informed by our relationship to a computerized environment. Age-old descriptive terms such as layering, cropping and rendering take on new connotations when properties from the world of screens are engaged within the work. Windows, gridded matrices, split-screens and drop-shadows append idiosyncratic cues to our visual vocabulary and become an inherent aspect of making and viewing objects. Gesture extends from the brushstroke to encompass video compression, 3-d rendering, and a multitude of printing methods as the artists excavate through non-linear layers of medium and mediation.

Ceci Moss for Critic’s Pick:

“Hunter Longe and Matthew Draving’s floor-bound sculpture Open Screen Unit grounds many of the ideas afoot in this concise group show… The title indicates that this “screen” is not a surface for the serial, filmic play of images, but a site that responds to the simultaneous, software-enabled production of images. Indeed, throughout the exhibition screens are employed not as spaces of fixity or one-way transmission, but as sites open to fluidity and mutation by their environment and the user…”